Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Most wines not vegan? Say it aint so!

I stumbled upon a website I've literally been surfing for HOURS. There is so much information here!

I've learned a lot of interesting facts, but I think the number 1 thing I've learned is that MOST wines are not vegan! (my heart skips a beat )

During the filtration process a lot of wine makers can use animal based products to fine tune their wine's taste. Such as.... egg albumen, gelatin, isinglass, and bone marrow. ( ......Woof) Granted they only use these ingredients in minute amounts, I figured I would share a couple of vineyards that create vegan and organic VINO. I've had their Chardonnay before ... Not too shabby. - Make a great organic, sulfate free, vegan wine called Our Daily Red.

More to come as I taste :)

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