Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Beauty Products...Veganized

Lets face it ... get it FACE - it? (Okay...That was my one allowable lame pun of the day) Finding cruelty free and vegan health and beauty products isn't always the easiest task. Especially if your local stores and shoppes do not carry products that are as adoptive of your views.

With your skin being the largest organ of the body, I like to live by the notion that you shouldn't put anything on your skin that you wouldn't put in your mouth. That being said I like to stick to beauty products that have as natural and organic ingredients as possible.

One of my favorite stores to shop for beauty products is LUSH on Newberry Street in Boston. Almost everything is in the store is vegan and everything is completely cruelty free. Their soaps and lotions feel amazing on your skin and they all smell delicious. My favorite is Sultana of Soap, I can't get enough of it!! If you're in the Boston area check them out! If you're not so close by... check them out online, you WILL NOT be disappointed

Also the Peta website has a complete list of companies that DO and DO NOT test their products on animals and they have marked the ones that are completely vegan with a big ol V for Van-fucking -tastic! The list can be found here:

Happy Hunting!

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