Friday, April 23, 2010

The LAND of the PORT

Made my first trip to good 'ole Portland, ME last night. What a fun Town!

I really had no idea what to expect, being from very southern NH I don't make it up past Ogunquit very often, but it was so worth the two hour drive. I headed up there to see my favorite band Third Eye Blind, (side note- amazing show and venue) and ended up making a little evening out of it with my boyfriend, Jay. I spent pretty much the entire day yesterday looking up different restaurants, and shops. I was inundated, there was so much to check out. We settled on Shay's, the BF's not a vegan, (sniffle) but he tries to eat as healthy as possible. I had an amazing eggplant salad, and the icing on the cake..... $3.00 wine :) I was a happy girl !!

I didn't have much time this trip, but, next time I head up, there are a couple of places id really like to check out...

Green Elephant Vegetarian Bistro They have so many amazing sounding dishes, and all the vegan options are marked, so it takes out the guess work !

Gro Cafe Completely vegan and even some macrobiotic items on their menu too. They're even a chocolatier! They use locally grown ingredients whenever possible and always fair -trade organic! Sounds like a great way to enjoy a nice bite and still stay healthy.

And it seemed like everywhere I turned there where health foods markets and vendors selling fair-traded goods. I love visiting Towns where there are a lot of socially and environmentally conscious people. Portland had a very laid-back atmosphere and I dig that!

Can't wait till my next visit when I can do more exploring!

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