Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Help Save One - Please?!?

Sometimes I just really don't understand how people can be so cruel. It honestly embarrasses me.

Help Save One is an animal rescue organization that saves animals (mostly dogs) from high kill shelters down south, where over population is a HUGE issue. And as if that weren't heartbreaking enough - a lot of these shelters use gassing as their means of euthanasia. For those of you who aren't familiar with this practice please visit to view a video on the subject - Beware its intensely graphic. I couldn't get through it.

These poor guys are suffering from a severe case of mange, and their owner just dumped them in this state. Luckily Help Save One got the word out and raised enough money to have them vetted and pulled before it was too late.

Before you consider buying a pet from a pet store or from a breeder please consider all the wonderful potential pets that get put down EVERY day simply because there is no room for them. Some never even get a chance to be a loving member of a family.
Check out HelpSaveOne for a list of this weeks urgent dogs - these guys are among them!

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