Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Thai Red Curry Tempeh and Vegetables

One of my favorite food blogs posted this recipe a few weeks ago. And I just had the chance to give it a whirl last night. This post from the blog The Veggie-Full Kitchen just looked too good not to try.

I made a few slight adjustments - I replaced the "chikin" with pan fried tempeh, added a half a tablespoon more of the red curry, used light coconut milk instead of the regular, added a bit of Thai chili sauce to give it a kick, and served it over brown basmati rice.

It was absolutely fantastic- though the picture doesn't really do it justice ( I really need to use a better camera!) I cut the recipe in half and there is more than enough leftovers if, like me, you are only cooking for one.
Thank you Veggie-Full Kitchen!!


  1. Valerie-
    I am so glad you liked it! I always wonder when I am posting a recipe, if anyone will like it as much as I do. Thanks for the feedback!

  2. It really was so tasty and easy! There's nothing worse than trying to put together a complicated meal when you walk in the door from work, have laundry to do, dogs to feed and a house to clean!

    Thanks again!!