Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Farm Sanctuary

I often wonder - If people were more informed about the horrors of factory farming if they would actually still buy its products? A lot of companies these days are catching on that anything labeled "all natural" will sell like mad. They show commercials with images of sunlight beaming on an open pasture with cows grazing, chickens clucking away in their open coops and pigs laying by their favorite mud puddle. Often times these images couldnt be further from the truth of what the actual story is behind the slab of meat on your plate.

I was visiting Farmsanctuary.org ( a rescue farm for abused, neglected and abandoned livestock) this morning and this story of an adorable baby calf, named Billy, was so touching that I had to share a quick blog about him. All too often many baby male calves are either stripped away from their mothers just a few hours after birth and confined in small pens to be used as veal meat or killed all together with their throats slit or a blunt hammer hit to the head.
This guy was saved!
I love reading over their featured rescue stories. It brightens my day!

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