Friday, June 18, 2010

The Seedling Cafe

Soo I have to say I think I make some pretty effing good sandwiches. But .. when I don't feel like making one ( or I don't have the time) there's a place down the street from me that makes my favorite take out sandwich of all time. Yes ... all time.

The Seedling Cafe in Nashua, NH is my favorite place for wraps. They have a ton of vegetarian options, most can be made vegan if you ask. ANNND they support local farmers and use organic and locally grown ingredients whenever possible. How can you beat it?!

I was just there the other day. My favorite sandwich is my own creation....

Spinach wrap, olives, onions, pickles, lettuce and sprouts with hummus and honey mustard .. yummmm.

I want one now!

PS -I have to get better with this whole taking pictures of food before you eat it. It's just so hard for me!

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