Monday, June 28, 2010

Another Vegan Wine Tasting

What a stupendous weekend I had! Got together with all the people I love best, to celebrate one of my favorite times of the year, My Birthday! Okay I know that sounds a bit conceded, it's not really the birthday part that I love, its more the getting together with all the people I care about and taking time out to celebrate gaining another year's worth of knowledge and experience with this thing I call my life. AHHHH- and so the Birthday week begins!

Also celebrating his 6th birthday on Sunday, was my man Bailey Bear. 6?!?! How did this happen? He'll always be a pup to me, and anyway getting older seems to suit him well. Below is a picture of the Birthday Boy and the Un-Birthday Boy celebrating yesterday on the front porch.

They got a very special meal and for dessert, leftover watermelon rinds. Can't seem to figure out why, but they sure do love 'em.

Also yesterday I tried a new vegan wine. Orleans Hill, the maker of Our Daily Red, makes a variety of other vegan, organic wines. Yesterday I tried their Syrah. Being honest with myself, I must say, I thoroughly enjoy almost all wines. This one was not my favorite, but it was still pretty good and a good organic vegan substitute to your regular wine shop choices. I actually got this one at the grocery store, I was surprised/elated to see vegan wines there!! It almost had a sort of dark chocolate, coffeeish taste to it. It was nice to sip on a lazy hot summer Sunday, watching two tired beagle boys napping on the front porch.

Destination Birthday Week Population = Me

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